MY story

Hello! My name is Shauna Grasso, and here's a little about me. I started dancing age 4, and I've had a love of movement and a fascination with how the body works ever since. After dancing professionally, I earned my BS in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Integrative Physiology, and started working in a Physical Therapy office not long after. It was there I was first introduced to the fact that Pilates could be used to help heal the body from chronic pain and injury. I was hooked! I began teaching Pilates in 2014 in a rehab and studio setting, and spent many years using Pilates to help people gain and maintain strength, recover from all sorts of conditions from stroke to professional athletic injury, and to feel their best. I was amazed (and still am!) about the insight Joseph Pilates had when creating this system of whole-body-mind wellness. 

After my first pregnancy and seeing all the benefits Pilates gave me, I was inspired to learn more about how Pilates could help the specific population of perinatal people. I found that Pilates had been a great help in preparation for birth, and in recovery in the months following, and so I added a specialty in Perinatal Pilates to help others gain these benefits as well. Following the birth of my second child, I have also been personally using Pilates to work on healing from diastasis recti, elevate my mood, and maintain all the strength (both mental and physical) needed to chase around two little ones! 

To our Pilates sessions, I bring a deep knowledge of anatomy, first-hand experience with the perinatal process, and a love of helping people to feel their best. I look forward to meeting you, hearing your story, and helping you experience the best possible perinatal period