Pregnancy and postpartum is an amazing time! Learn more about your changing body, and what you can do to support it, in the articles below. 

Calf cramps can be one of the most unpleasant side effects of pregnancy, often striking in the middle of the night and disrupting much-needed sleep. Learn why these cramps happen, how to prevent them with simple strategies, and effective methods to relieve them when they do strike. Discover practical tips to keep those pesky cramps at bay and enjoy more restful nights.

Often referred to as the "pregnancy hormone," this miracle molecule plays a crucial role in the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum recovery process. However, relaxin can also be the culprit behind your frustrating postpartum fitness journey, making it harder to get back in shape and leaving you wondering why your body isn't responding to exercise the way it used to.

Generally accepted knowledge says that you should exercise 30 minutes a day during pregnancy & postpartum. Is that really true?

My personal journey of rediscovering a resilient core; Plus 5 exercises you can do to start healing now!

And what does Pilates have to do with it? 

Plus: 3 exercises you can do to start living life without the fear of leaking!

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